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February 9th, 2019, Paris, France

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"These workshops are used to transmit my knowledge and know-how, my technique, my style, my ideas, my way of working to those who would be interested in. Coming from sport I was educated in respect, mutual aid, exchange , the transmission of knowledge .. I trained myself, completely self-taught and I was lucky to have people who advised me, and helped me to evolve.I would like to do the same for those who want it and who are thirsty to learn A workshop is used to have answers to questions we ask ourselves, to have keys in complex situations that we can not manage, to have extra baggage for to be even more versatile and more efficient in the desired areas.The goal is not to copy a style, or do the same thing as the others, each one has its sensitivity, its eye, its tastes and therefore even with similar techniques the purpose is that everyone finds his style and flourishes sse in this art without feeling limited ... "



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On the program (designed and produced under the artistic direction of the teacher photographer himself):
We will approach several themes in natural light, the portrait, the lingerie, the boudoir / cocooning and the nude .. in my own style I will guide you in the approach of a session, guide the model, be placed by compared to the light according to the desired rendering, to manage the natural light, the shots, to play with the eyes and the light, to play with the body and the light .. And we will finish with a part retouch, lightroom and photoshop ... mainly on the light and the colorimetry but I could answer your expectations and questions of course ..
– Langage: Français
Location: Paris, France 
– Schedule: 14h à 18h
– Required level: intermediate to professional
– Required material: participants must come with their own material and ready to shoot: digital camera ( reflex or hybrid body and lens), battery, charger, memory card.
What isn't included:
-The cost of transportation to the workshop location
-All insurance for stolen or broken material during the Experience

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Nude Art Workshops


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Tout photographe affirmant ne pas être un voyeur est soit stupide soit un menteur. Helmut Newton